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Testimonials: Testimonials

"I took up Tai Chi and Qigong when i moved to Manchester to work 6 years ago having previously studied other forms of martial arts. I was attracted by the gentler forms. I was looking for both exercise and attracted by the forms for development of my Chi. I have enjoyed it immensely and it has exceeded all of my expectations. I love the practice and camaraderie of the Club. Both forms are well suited to my advancing years, the flexibility of them suit all ages. We have an excellent Sifu in Jamal and this adds to the experience. I cannot recommend highly enough the practice of both forms and the enormous value obtained from them both physically and in the development of Chi"

Robert J

"I`ve been thinking about my own Tai Chi experience over the last few days since the post and i realise it has changed a quite a bit in lockdown. At first it was a nice gentle form of exercise and a lovely class where i met some lovely people. In lockdown it became a little anchor to the outside world and more recently I`ve been using it as a form of mindfulness meditation. Being able to use the recorded lessons from the online library has helped me to try to improve myself while actually sticking to a routine. I am able to concentrate and listen to my breathing and feel how my body is feeling, its a great way to start the day. Thank you again Sifu for all your hard work."

Jenny D

"I have been practicing Tai Chi and Qigong for about a year. I find the practice a wonderful way to relax, and gives me a sense of calm which continues into the rest of the day (much needed in my busy family life)!
I really feel the benefit for my wellbeing and look forward to the classes each week. Attending classes means there is a set time for practice, and combine this with using the online resources which i can use anytime is fantastic. The group is very welcoming to newcomers and Sifu Alek is warm and encouraging to everyone".

Nichola D

"I find that Tai Chi and Qigong complements other exercises and hobbies that i do, building up strength and flexibility in muscles not otherwise targeted. Now that i am more familiar with the routines, i can do some whenever i have a moment throughout the day, so as to build up stamina, and maintain the benefit. Our Sifu guides us individually, leading us towards our own improvements, whilst making it very enjoyable."

Rosie C

I feel privileged and honoured to have found my gifted and humbled Sifu Jamal Alek. Such a brilliant teacher with great attention to practice detail with knowledge and wisdom. I commit to the life time journey of practice training, teacher training and self cultivation with Sifu Jamal Alek at the Tai Chi Kung Fu Centre.
I encourage you to try these ancient art forms of moving meditation with breath and mind cultivation as one. Tai Chi and Qigong is medically proven to improve your health on so many levels. I love it

Jenna R

I have been practicing Tai Chi and Qigong for over 15 years and in 2019 i acheived my instructors level 2 certification under the watchful eye of Master Jamal Alek and Grandmaster Liming Yue. I feel very proud of my improvements and achievements. Since meeting my Sifu, my life has jumped paths to a better outlook, i have improved in self in many different areas. Thank you Tai Chi. Thank you Sifu

David B

It is a nice place to practice and the instructors are very good. I have gained a better understanding of my body posture and better mindfulness practice to feel more grounded.

Lee M

"My husband and i are beginners in Tai Chi and we are very lucky to learn from one of the best instructors for Chen Tai Chi. Sifu Jamal Alek is patient, professional, easy to follow his clear instructions and explanations. His attention to detail combined with energetic and engaging teaching style has enabled us to progress very quickly. Its a great experience that Tai Chi practice with Sifu can be dynamic and fun (his training exercises tire us out)! as well as calm and therapeutic (Qigong breathing and listening to our body). Our Sifu is a caring teacher and often reminds us what to pay attention to as beginners so that we wont hurt ourselves during the practice. We were deeply drawn to Tai Chi and Qigong after the first few classes and now we practice almost daily. We feel good and happy after every single class. Thank you so much Alek Sifu"!

Fion C

I admire and respect Master Jamal Alek for his impressive knowledge and beautiful tai chi, he is a fantastic instructor who possesses great teaching skills, i have progressed much since training with him and i enjoy every single class, hes a patient and dedicated no matter the number of students, he manages to pay individual attention.
Soon after starting tai chi, the pain i had in my knees for years, gradually went away. My energy and wellbeing increased, it keeps me fit and helps me to control stress.

Angeles L

I used to have recurring back problems, they are as good as gone now, my posture is much better and generally feel better physically and mentally. Im finding it much easier to keep a cool head in difficult situation, also have buns of steel from all the squatting.

Russel A

An excellent and supportive nurturing environment to positive exercise taught by experts, and it works.

Jeremy H

Clear and interesting instruction, good place and i enjoy the change in emphasises between sessions ie sometimes form routines or more gentle and meditation or martial or health exercise. Benefits calming for blood pressure and flexibility. Concentration on the forms is a benefit at the end of a busy day.

Andrea A

I am learning from videos at home and by coming to the Altrincham/Bowdon Class on Thursday afternoons. i feel more confident with my postures and movements and Sifu Jamals help as he is a fantastic teacher, the classes are realy enjoyable and also very relaxing.

Sue M

The benefits for me are many. Treating knee pain/discomfort, help with mood, anxiety, sleeping, confidence and racing thoughts. also connecting with the body and how it works, energies blood flow etc.
Sifu Jamal has a good way of combining many aspects of tai chi, even if the time is limited

George S

It is with great confidence that i write this testimonial/recommendation.

Master Jamal Alek has been the head Tai Chi teacher at the North West Chinese Language Centre for over 10 years. He is very professional in his approach and showed amazing patience and care with the students.

The many children who have taken his classes over the years have always been positive about them. Themselves and parents also on many occasions tell me how much they enjoy doing Tai Chi with Master Jamal. The classes gave the children more motivation and mental energy which helped them to focus during their Chinese language classes afterwards.

Along with being organised and prepared. Master Jamal has the ability to quickly build a positive rapport with both students and other members of staff at the school, and he is well liked by both children and adults. He has taught over 500 students over the years, covering Chinese new year performances and end of school graduations for over 10 years. Truly an inspiration to work with.

I highly recommend Master Jamal Alek and feel that anyone taking his Tai Chi classes will feel the benefits.

Headteacher of Northwest Chinese Language Centre

Winnie Lau Chan

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